“Ne Jemi Bishqemi”

Tuesday was our community project in Bishqem. All the training groups are supposed to do a community project in their site, but because the TEFL and health volunteers do a lot of additional practice teaching and workshops in their sites for us COD volunteers there’s a bit more weight placed on our project design and management process. We worked with the whole 8th and 9th grade in the Bishqem school (about 150 kids) and, with the help of a few Peace Corps staff, two of our host sisters, and a few of the teachers at the school we were able to pull off a successful poster competition. Our theme was “Ne Jemi Bishqemi” (we are Bishqem) and we asked the kids to reflect on what they like about where they live. We wanted to encourage a bit of community self-reflection because Bishqem is a town that most people who live here leave and does not currently have a lot of opportunities for development. We actually ended up with some great posters, and afterwards we had prizes and played a bit of volleyball and football with the kids outside. While it’s hard to know what the sustainable outcome of the project will be, it was a lot of fun.

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  1. Susan said:

    I see all these becoming a travel brochure on why to come to Albania! Worked the yard sale this morning with you folks! I know we made alot of money!

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