powerade and the full moon….or the amazing move

As a last hurrah before moving up to Lezhe, I traveled with a few other intrepid souls down to Dhermi (between Vlore and Saranda on the coastal road) for some beach camping with a few group 11 and 12 volunteers. The only problem with the trip was that I had to bring all my bags full of stuff with me on various busses, cars and furgons all the way south….and then all the way north again…

It was so worth it. A full moon, white rocks, crazy pass you have to drive over to get there, the deserted beach, good friends, night swimming, powerade-blue clear water….all made for an unbelievable evening.

What follows is shameless propaganda – come.visit.albania.

  1. Susan said:

    Just beautiful!! Do they have a tourist department?? maybe you could work for them!!

  2. Mom said:

    So glad to know all went smoothly over the last few days of transition, My Dear! What a gorgeous beach you traveled to – I am jealous!! I am also glad to hear that my package arrived safely, so now feel better about putting together others from time to time. Dad says “I thought the PC was all about learning to “do without” as he had to do in his PC Nepal days a million years ago. I think he is also jeasous. Mainly we are both so pleased that you are having such a positive, happy, and productive experience, and we look forward to hearing more………….xoxoxox, Mom

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