busy busy

So far this week has been the busiest so far for work. As of now, two months into my service, I really feel like I have a great network of contacts throughout the Lezhe community. Yesterday I participated in a best practices conference put on with the cooperation of 16 different municipalities in northern albania by a swiss NGO, Jen and I started an English conversation group for a few high school girls, plans for the camp are progressing quickly, and I am working on redesigning the Bashkia’s bi/tri-monthly report to the public and making it into something useful and bukur (beautiful). Flashback to CavDaily days…

A highlight of the best practices conference yesterday was at the end, after a few prizes had been awarded in certain categories, when two traditionally dressed Lezheans walked up to the front of the room full of mayors and local government employees and started dancing and singing to a song called “Shega Lezheana” (celebrates the Shega or pomegrates that Lezha is famous for and that are almost ripe!). It was priceless – just when I almost forgot that I was in Albania because of the punctuality and proffesionality of the foreign-run conference, there was a circle dancing opportunity. I wish I had a photograph of the swiss ambassador at the front of the room with the dancers…she looked quite out of her element.

Anyway – I just uploaded a bunch more photos to Picasa. Links are up on the photos page! Enjoy.

One of my supervisors, Pjeter, with the Lezhe display about our recycling program (which actually does not recycle anything, but that's a story for another time)


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