Get your swim trunks…and your inflatable raft?

As the rain falls and falls and falls here in northern Albania, there is quite a lot of flooding in the area around shkoder, a city just to the north. All the pcvs there are high and dry, but it’s a pretty serious situation. About 1100 homes are flooded as well as the national highway. Just shows what living in a flood plain near several large rivers with huge erosion problems and a government that struggles to fix drainage issues during the dry season gets you… This same thing happened last January and all the pcvs in shkoder and lezhe were evacuated. For now that doesn’t seem likely, but I am very glad I live on a hill and own a pair of good gum boots.

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  1. Aunt Doss said:

    I am a little behind in my reading I must admit but have thoroughly enjoyed “catching up” with you with your entries of November and first of December. Very proud of you.xo

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