So Ghetto

Recently an Albanian living outside Albania made a comment on my sitemate Jen’s video blog, asking “why did you choose Albania, it’s so ghetto?” She told me this and I laughed out loud.

While it might sometimes seem like everything here is going well, it sometimes also feels like life is crashing down around me and that no matter what happens and no matter what project I try to start or work with someone on all my efforts are thwarted….And then the power goes out and there’s a national political crisis and it does really start to feel like the ghetto.

But, the most important thing to remember is that while I didn’t choose to come to Albania (no one seems to get this about the Peace Corps), I did choose to be here. And it’s really not the ghetto. In fact, most of the time it’s quite nice. Sometimes it’s hard to help Albanians themselves to see the opportunities here, but when you do find the ones who want to work with you it’s pretty rewarding.

In general life in the ghetto continues to be busy and cold and exhausting… hopefully I’ll have some better stories soon.


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