Groundhog Day

Groundhog day is an odd holiday that I still don’t quite understand. If the groundhog sees his shadow, we have more winter. Or is it the other way around? I don’t think I have ever paid enough attention to not be confused.

Essentially isn’t groundhog day just about our anticipation for the future and relief from the monotony of the present (winter)? In general our hoping for spring brings to mind all the ifs, buts, yets and maybes in our lives. We crave certainty and want some sign to tell us things will get better, or to know for sure that they won’t for a while.

Yesterday I had a day that demonstrates just how up and down and “groundhog day” – like life in Albania can be. It started out bleak – two meetings I had been planning on for weeks were cancelled at the last minute (which here means that no one shows up and you are left wondering if anyone even remembered if it was supposed to happen) due to a surprise holiday from school. Oops. But, on the flip side …. after feeling like I spent most of the day wasting effort, at the end of the day I found out two things that made me smile.

Exciting thing #1: I found out I received funding for the schoolyard renovation grant I applied for in January…aaaand….

Exciting thing #2: Peace Corps has agreed to give me a bicycle!! After almost (cough) a year of not riding I will finally have a huffy to tinker with (provided the protests stop sometime soon and I can actually get to Tirana and pick it up!).

Two things I’ve been thinking about for a while realized in one day – definitely breaks up the winter monotony.

  1. Susan said:

    WOW! that was a powerful message! What an inspiration!
    Sure hope you get the bike!!

  2. Shannon said:

    Yay! Congrats on receiving the grant, I know what a big relief that is! What a wonderful testament to your hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work and remember to cherish those small victories and store them to help you get through the losses.

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