A happy (edible) belated…

A belated “Gezuar Dita e Shen Valentinit!” What follows is a slide show of the edible love I’ve given and received over the past week. Amazingly, all of my Valentines seemed to consist of food. I know it’s late, but I’m wishing you all a happy Valentine’s day and middle-of-winter back in the States (or wherever you are)!

Many thanks to Seth for going to America and bringing back Cheez-its and Jen for composing the delicious message above.


To celebrate, I sent out a few valentines with this image (taken this summer).


I broke down and bought strawberries (a recent addition to our produce options here in Lezhe and way out of my price range) and made these delicious treats with a few friends


My mother sent me these from the US

  1. Susan said:

    Looks like you had fun! Spring must be just around the corner!

  2. Lauren Tindall said:

    I love Scrabble Cheeze-Its…in fact, I was eating them last night:) Hope all is well, dear Laura! Love reading your blog – I subscribe to it, so I’ve read each and every post! Wish I had as cool of stuff to blog about…:)

  3. gin mccabe said:

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. The cookies are perfect, and I must be sheltered, as I knew nothing of scrabble Cheez-Its. I am vowing to follow you more closely; did you get the bike? Loved the comment re: Albania being Ghetto (or not) – while you didn’t choose Albania, you did choose to “be there”. Truly. I think we could all apply the same insight for ourselves, in many ways. love, gin

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