Outdoor Ambassadors – A Year in Review

I think I’ve mentioned that I serve as the secretary of our national Peace Corps Outdoor Ambassadors committee. We have been very busy lately – in addition to running and supporting local youth environmental clubs, we’re currently working at the national level to establish the organization as an NGO AND have a big fundraiser tomorrow night in Tirana (which I’m very excited about!). Personally, I’ve been working on putting together our first annual year-in-review newsletter. My Cav Daily production skills coming back to haunt me again…It was an interesting challenge designing a document in both English and Shqip, but I enjoyed the work.

Check out the entire PDF here:

oa newsletter3

  1. Mom said:

    Laura Margaret:
    This is a very impressive publication!!! Shows lots of hard work on the part of many, and a great piece of advertising for the program. Congratulations on yet another expert production job! xoxox

  2. Mom said:

    I forgot in my previous comment to include a HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY greeting for Peace Corps!!!! How fitting that your Outdoor Ambassadors fundraiser is taking place so close to this auspicious date. We had 5 RPCVs here at dinner on Sunday evening, so we raised a glass in recognition of this milestone anniversary!

  3. Lauren Tindall said:

    Laura, you are doing the Cav Daily (and the Peace Corps, U.Va., the world) very, very proud! I think they need to feature you in an alumni profile! Hope all is well. Love reading your posts:)

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