Sa shpejt një vit ka kaluar…

Today the new group (G14) arrives in Tirana! It’s hard to believe that tomorrow marks my one-year in country anniversary….in one short year so much has happened.

In preparing for a presentation I’ll give at the pre-service training for the new group, I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic about our own training…which simultaneously seems like yesterday and a looooong time ago. I think of all the things I was worried about or didn’t know then, and I am excited to be able to share my new home and knowledge with those coming for the first time.

Mirëseerdhët, grupi 14 edhe paç fat!

  1. Susan said:

    good job! continue with your optimism and good humor!

  2. Shannon said:

    It is amazing how far you have come in a year! And if you think the first year went by quickly, the second year will be even faster! I felt that way about my service too- like it was long but went by so quickly. Keep up the great work and cherish the last year you have there. You have honestly done the hard part, now enjoy the relationships you have made the skills you have acquired and use them to the fullest!

  3. Maria said:

    My daughter is in that G14 Group.

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