Green (ing), Eggs….but no Ham

Happy Earth Day! Gezuar Pashket!

Today my country director came up to Lezhe to see the tree planting/bench and trash can placing at the school where my counterpart have been working for the last few months. We also taught a few recycling lessons at the school yesterday as part of the same project. All went really well! I’m so happy to be seeing some physical work done on this project after just talking about it and planning for it for months. And, of course, so many of our plans changed at the last minute. For example, we showed up today and they were putting in the trash cans in the wrong place…so naturally a colleague from the Bashkia just pulls it out of the wet cement and places it where it’s supposed to go! I’m so relieved/excited that it is all over…now I can focus on follow up work and reporting and start something new. I’d love to work with this school again sometime in the future!

In between all the work madness this week Jen and I made time to enjoy the weather and make some fun Easter Egg creations (Albania themed) and prepare for an epic hike this weekend. We’re headed down south with 8 friends to do a two day hike to the coast ending in Himare.

Some photos of all the happenings:

Playing recycling jeopardy

My country director, the school director and the mayor planting a ceremonial tree

The project facilitators

egg dyeing helpers

the final products

More photos are on the photos page

  1. Mom said:

    What a wonderful and meaningful observance for Earth Day!! I am so happy for you and all involved that this project was able to proceed so that its implementation could happen with this special world-wide observance. Great photos, too, and I love your pretty Easter eggs!Looking forward to more good photos from your Himare hiking trip! xoxoxo

  2. Susan said:

    the picture of the cat should be on a Hallmark card!!

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