Easter Weekend: Tepelene to Himare hike

Hiking in Albania = shepherds speaking dialect, fording rivers barefoot, rocks rocks rocks, spiky plants not eaten by grazers, sunburn lines, waterfalls first audible then (with a little effort) exploreable, sheep, scrambling through brush, trails that end and pick up again then end then pick up, more sheep, erosion and trash dumps, abandoned ottoman buildings, crystal waters over white stones, flowers carpeting every surface, sweat, neverending descents, raki and mohabet in village homes, sheep dogs deterred by a thrown rock, communist memorials in the middle of nowhere, extreme geologic diversity, goat bells in the distance, campfires made with borrowed wood, sweeping views, occasional “forests” (stands of trees)….and a whole lot of confusing where-are-we-going-ing and eventual satisfaction and a sleeping bag on the floor at a friend’s house at the beach after two days on the trail.

Thanks to Chris Hassler for the video, Seth and Raino for making plans and for everyone else for being there…I’ll miss the G12/11/11.5ers from this adventure!

Hike was two days – from Lek Dush, a village west of Tepelene…one night in Kuç…then on to Himare the second day (through Pilur). Photos soon to come on the photos page.

  1. Susan said:

    this was amazing! I can’t believe you hiked down that waterfall – it made me dizzy just to see it! Good grief! We want you back in one piece!

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