Where did you lost?

I’ve been hearing the phrase “Ku e ke humbur?” a lot over the past few days. It literally means “where did you lost?,” and is one of those Albanianisms that is funny in literal translation but actually makes a strange amount of sense. Plus, it’s true – I have been a bit lost lately. At least from Lezhe and my Peace Corps life.

After two weeks with my parents traveling all over Albania and in Germany, I’m finally home and am picking up the pieces of past projects and making the to-do lists for new ones. Also, It’s as if summer suddenly began while I was gone. Everything is open later and it’s a bit more festive feeling around Lezhe. The new PC group is at site and done with training and there’s a lot of new energy among the volunteers. Now that it’s officially summer, there are new plans and travels to think about, as well as the return of time spent at the beach nearby. More stories from my travels and photos to come soon!

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  1. susan said:

    I know you had fun with your family! It is hot here in Blacksburg – I hope to go to the pool today for Memorial Day.
    All the best to you!

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