Ups and Downs

It’s been a wild ride of a last two weeks.

And I know I always say that. But, for various reasons that I won’t get into in detail here, the last two weeks have been some of the hardest mentally for me since I’ve been in Albania.

Through a variety of recent events, both unfortunate and wonderful, I have come to truly realize the individual nature of the Peace Corps journey. I have so many amazing friends here and feel a part of Lezhe in a way that has become comfortable over time. But, in the world of Peace Corps, you can’t ever share your life that well with someone else. It is an inherently singular experience. And, as an added challenge, small incidents magnified by living in a world that is unfamiliar quickly become big changes. Things come at you fast and you might not be prepared to take them on like you are used to.

Over the past two weeks or so life as I know it, as I have become used to here, has indeed changed a lot. Projects are ending, friends and colleagues have moved on as they finish their service and one of the people closest to me here has had to suddenly return to the States for medical attention for the foreseeable future.

As far as work and life in Lezhe go, I’m ironically feeling productive and comfortable as I’ve never felt before. I guess my mood is just a little bit of a mid-service slump if you will….and I feel it passing just as quickly as it came on. I’m thankful I’ve been given the time to reflect on my time here thus far, and what I want to do with the remaining months… and I promise I’ll have something more interesting to report when you hear from me next : )

  1. Shannon said:

    Didn’t they show you guys that graph in PST? You are now in one of the downswing periods, haha. But seriously, it happens and I think people don’t realize how totally alone you really are in the Peace Corps but that is also what makes it so wonderful. You are experiencing all of these wonderful things, meeting new people, and learning more about human nature and yourself. And while its hard because the smallest of things can turn your “normal” upsidedown, when you come out on the other side you are stronger and better for that. It is also great that you share what you can with your people at site and at home but when it is all over, it is really an experience for you that you get to keep with you forever. Hang in there! Lots more ups and downs to go! 🙂

  2. susan said:

    I heard about your friend leaving to go home for surgery! I had lunch at the CC with your Mom and Wilson. WE had a great visit. Hang in there!!
    UVA won the Super Regional in baseball and are headed for Omaha for the college world series – it was an amazing game – we were down 2 to 1 in the bottom of the 9th – go to to see the amazing highlights – 2 outs – 2 strikes – UVA hits a single – the next guy gets walked – the next guy hits a line drive down the middle and 2 runs score to win the game!!!!!!! Just great!!!

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