Lura – 36 kilometers in 9 photographs

These photos are views from a recent trip to Lura, an area in the central part of Northern Albania that is the most inaccessible place I have traveled to in the country so far. We hiked for two days and over 36 km. Our route was a loop – started out following a canal along a cliff face through a narrow rocky valley, then climbed up through the old, roadless village of Gur Lurë. After camping and talking with some shepherds we climbed the steep forested ridge behind Gur Lurë to the plateau and the 7 lakes (ponds) above. This area is a national park, but unfortunately has experienced rampant recent deforestation due to lack of monitoring. We followed the line of the plateau, saw all the lakes and picked wild raspberries and blueberries along the way, ending a long day in a field just up the hill from the village of Fushë Lurë. The next morning we drank coffee with villagers, talked about tourism development, then paid one of them to take us the 2.5 hours on the worst road I’ve seen in Albania back to Peshkopi.

The trail along the cliff face follows a canal that travels through short, occasional tunnels. Ramps prevent rockslides from clogging the canal. This is the first trail I’ve seen here with built in hand hold ropes.

  1. susan said:

    Amazing pictures! Love reading about your adventures! All news here re the 10th anniversary of 9/11 – many sad stories! Be safe!

  2. Peter Gojcaj said:

    Amazing pictures. Can you explain why the local has a rifle perched on his back?

  3. Matthew said:

    Beautiful spaces…

  4. The rifle is to protect his goats from wolves and bears. I don’t know how many there actually are in this area, but of any place in Albania, I would believe they are in Lura!

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