Peace Corps Partnership and Outdoor Ambassadors

Many of you may know that the Peace Corps-initiated program called Outdoor Ambassadors (OA) has been one of my most significant ongoing projects since I arrived in Albania.

I serve on a national steering committee of six PCVs that promotes the programs of Outdoor Ambassadors’ network of youth environmental education clubs around the country. In addition to supporting actions at the local level (like our reusable bag project here in Lezhe), the committee has been able to organize annual national-level events such as a summer camp and leadership training for members of local clubs. These events are planned in collaboration with Albanian counterparts and are valuable events that promote networking between students and inspire and give local groups the skills to implement community projects when they return to their home cities.

One such national level event is our Youth Leadership Training, to be held this coming February. The training will bring together 30+ youth from around Albania to hone their project design and management skills and environmental knowledge, giving them the tools to bring implementable project ideas back to their home clubs and communities. I helped organize and run a training like this in 2010, and it was a wonderful experience for the students and facilitators alike.

In order to fund this training, Outdoor Ambassadors was selected to be a part of the Peace Corps Partnership Program. This means that we are listed as a project accepting donations online through the Peace Corps website. All donations through the site are tax-deductible. If you wish to donate or find out more about the project, please visit the PCPP site!

I am continually thankful for all of your ongoing support of my time here in Albania through comments, emails, letters and calls. I have tried to keep up with telling my story to you all through this blog, but sometimes I feel like the fun/travel side of my life rather than the work side is more represented here. As you can see from this post, in the life of a PCV, fundraising is often a large portion of the “work” that gets done!

The Youth Leadership Training will be one of my last projects with OA, as I will be finishing up with PC not long after its implementation. I hope to keep you posted as the planning continues, and hope you’ll consider supporting the project from afar!

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  1. susan said:

    Great job! love the pics, think you got our donation! Saw Wilson at the football game today – we lost and looked awful – too bad!! Wilson looks great – and wowed all at our tailgate!! take care!

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