Book Drives and a Culture of Giving

About two weeks ago my counterpart Yllka and I learned that a grant proposal we submitted in early October for a project benefiting the local library was selected for funding. This is our second Small Projects Assistance (SPA) project funded through USAID/Peace Corps and its implementation should carry me through until my close of service in May. Yllka and I along with the library staff are all amazed at the number of people involved and committed to making this project a reality.

We designed the project both to encourage community involvement in the library and to support their purchase of books in Albanian that are in line with the curriculum and summer reading lists of the high school. The budget of the library is poor, and even though they have a nice building, they have been unable to purchase books for almost two years. Most of what exists in the collection remains from before the fall of communism and is in bad repair.

After the initial book purchase to supplement the library’s collection, the second phase of our project will kick in – a book drive in the Lezhe community for one month prior to April 23rd, 2012, World Book Day. Book drives are a relatively new thing for Albania, and, in general, Albanians own very few books. However, I’m optimistic that this project will be successful (with the right amount of promotion) in Lezhe. At the very least, it will be an opportunity to both promote the idea of giving back to your library and to increase volunteerism in the community – all while benefiting the public library and readership in Lezhe the city and the region. We have already identified several willing community partners to help organize the drive, and our hope is that the overall participants will include the general public as well as local schools, NGOs and churches.

Working to design this project with the library staff has been one of the more enjoyable work experiences I’ve had so far in country. They’re all fun to be around, and it’s refreshing to see people so dedicated to making their work environment a better place, even with such limited resources. Even outside the library, when Yllka and I went around town to speak with other NGOs and the schools about the project when we were applying, it was like going around and having coffees with all of my friends – I already had worked with most of the people involved. The small town-ness of Lezhe and my place within it is really coming out in all aspects of my life.

On my first day back at work last week, Yllka and I went to tell the Library staff that we had won the money. It was such a festive occasion – I’ve never seen a group of people more appreciative and eager to begin working on something….I just hope that all of our energy can hold through April!

  1. susan said:

    Great job!! Is there a cheap way for us to send books?

    Saw Wilson yesterday at the game – we beat Duke for the first time in 4 years!! On our way to a bowl game to be announced Dec 4!!

  2. Lisa Hammett said:

    Congratulations! You are so wise to promote voluntarism and giving back, especially to a library. Liz

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