Happy Thanksgiving from Albania!

Back when I was in training, my host family raised turkeys. I never ate them at their house (Albanians traditionally eat a “gjelle deti” for New Years), but I definitely appreciated the taste of a farm raised free range local turkey with my fellow Americans last Thanksgiving in Burrel. Two of my PCV friends actually slaughtered the birds themselves in Bree’s front yard.

Well, I’m not sure how it happened but it’s that time of year again. My house is like a refrigerator, I spend much of my time knitting in front of a fire or “working” from my computer in bed (the warmest place to be) when I am not at the office. Each day I resemble more and more what my friend Hekuran teases me about being – a “murgesha,” or nun.

But, I’m planning to escape this hibernation lifestyle and the rain and cold in Lezhe and hang out for the weekend with good food and friends and another turkey or two in Gramsh. Our PCV pot-luck two-day Thanksgiving will be a welcome break from the norm. Conveniently, Albanians celebrate their independence day(s) on Monday and Tuesday the 28th/29th, so it’s an extra long weekend full of possibilities.

So – a big cheers to all of you celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family back home! I am truly thankful for all of your love and support. Hope you enjoy the food and fellowship as well as the ability to watch football in the same timezone. Uroj një Gezuar për Diten e Falenderimëve nga Shqipëri!

  1. susan said:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Stay tuned to hear if the Hoos beat the chokies! Here’s hoping!!

  2. Dad said:

    I remember the turkey in the basket (in the kitchen) at your host family’s house! Seemed so content and warm while cooking for the birthday party! Such a warm and wonderful family! Please give them our best when you see them and wish them Happy Thanksgiving for us! While you won’t be confronted with the weekend traffic that we have here, do careful on the road. Go Hoos! XXOO

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