Thanksgiving, PC style

Happy International Volunteer Day, everyone!

This post is a bit overdue, but I thought I’d give an update on what Thanksgiving was like for me here in Albania.

A day of great weather and football and cooking plus 16ish PCVs all contributing dishes = a whole lot of great food and merriment. Made-from-scratch green bean casserole (complete with homemade deep fried onions) and a bacon blue cheese apple pie were hits along with all the normal Turkey day trimmings. Finding enough glasses/jars for us all to drink out of was the biggest problem.

I have loved my two Thanksgivings in Albania. They’ve been so different from holidays at home, but just as wonderful. The pot luck style really reminds me of the 100-mile Thanksgivings I used to celebrate with the urban planning department at UVA. I think that as Americans living abroad, we try extra hard at Thanksgiving and the Fourth. One of the things I enjoy about Turkey Day here is that everyone is American, but has a different tradition to share/recreate the best they can. And the result is overwhelming. It really goes to show that the holidays can be merry wherever you are as long as you’re with the people you love. And, because we celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday and Albanians had that Monday and Tuesday off for national holidays (Independence Day and the day celebrating their release from Nazi power), the holiday was stretched over 6 days….which made it all even better.

  1. Mom said:

    OK! Now you have to post the recipe for the bacon blue cheese apple pie! I am dying to try making it!


  2. susan said:

    Looks like wonderful feast!
    We’re going to Atlanta to the Chick-filet bowl! Go HOOS!!

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