Merry Christmas from Lezha!

This past weekend nine of us PCVs celebrated the holidays here at my house in Lezhe. After two days without power, the lights came back on on Christmas Eve and we were able to cook good food and make merry. The weather was wonderful, and we played football one day and then hiked to the Castle above my house.

It’s interesting to be in a country for the holidays that celebrates New Years more than Christmas. The entire city of Lezhe is decked out in festive lights of bright colors and there is a big tree downtown, but people decorate with trees for New Years instead of Christmas, so there was no real attention to the tree/lights this weekend. Meanwhile, kids everywhere are preparing for New Year’s by blowing up M80s constantly on the street corners. Fireworks are cheap and abundant this time of year, and we bought some ourselves and shot them off infront of my house in the wee hours of Christmas Day.

This is what a Peace Corps Christmas looks like

I hope all of your holidays were just as jolly as ours here in Albania! I’m thinking of everyone back home a lot these days and sending lots of love from afar.

Gezuar Krishtlindje dhe vitin e ri!  Qoftë një vit i mbarë dhe i suksesshëm!

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  1. susan said:

    OK, who is that guy!!!!

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