snowed in….without the snow

This week I was supposed to head to Macedonia with a few friends for a ski vacation to use up some last vacation days. We have our Close of Service Conference next week and we (group 13) are not allowed to leave the country for the three months we have remaining following the conference.

Unfortunately, a record-breaking snowstorm is following up the cold snap, and Peace Corps has put all Albanian volunteers to stay put where we are. So, while this would have made for AMAZING skiing…the timing is really terrible and I’m hanging out in Elbasan for the time being….which seems like the only place in Albania without any snow. Adam is here with me, and he couldn’t go home if he tried to as there’s almost 2 meters of new snow where he lives.

Reminds me of the winter back home in VA before I left for PC….except that 2 meters of snow does a lot more damage here than in the US. At least 8 volunteers are stranded and couldn’t leave their sites if they wanted to. I’m happy to be here with all my warm ski clothes waiting it out.

  1. gin mccabe said:

    Bummer to say the least! I heard about the snows and wondered… Now I know. This must be an odd time for you; beginning to transition. I will enjoy hearing of your next endeavor as you always choose the MOST interesting path!! xo to you, 1 day post St. Valentine’s! gin

  2. susan said:

    sorry you couldn’t get in your trip! Be warm and safe!! I’m sure you will find some fun things to do!

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