Oh, the places you’ll go…

I have a new hobby – searching for plane tickets online. 

I booked my flight back to the states this week (!). July 23rd I am actually coming home….28 months later.

However, in between then and my COS date of May 18th I’ll be bouncing around Europe and Turkey a bit with Adam. How to do this most efficiently/costly is becoming a bit of a game. A fun way to spend the time….and my cash in lieu funding. 


  1. susan said:

    Have fun and travel safely!!

  2. Joyce said:

    Hi! I hope this works… I’m looking into Albanian journals and yours was the first that popped up. I’m leaving for Albania to start my service on the 13th and I was wondering if you had any advice/words of wisdom on just about anything? More specifically, what do you wish you had packed for either life or school and how was your experience? I’m sure it was the best since hello, this is a life changing adventure, but it’d be great to hear an actual voice answering. If you don’t have time, don’t worry =) Best of luck!

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