Albania, for those who visit for a few days or stay for more than two years, is notably a place of polar extremes. It’s a culture where intense wealth and poverty exist side by side; where the work pace is excruciatingly slow at times and yet then when things get done, they get done FAST; and where a visiting PCV’s life is one day fantastic and the next depressing and lonely.

These days, I’ve noticed the polarities in my own life pick up as the season is changing. And, frankly, it’s hard to keep up with the sudden changes. I knew this year would be full of rrëmujë, but it’s all hitting me at once.

Before the COS conference I was in winter/hibernation mode. Not a lot was happening at work, and I spent a lot of time out of site for various reasons. However, since the COS conference, I’ve been thrown suddenly into “holy-moly-I-only-have-9-weeks-left” mode as the countdown to May 18th approaches and the list of things I have to/want to complete before that time only grows. Plus, the weather’s nice now and who wants to write a description of service when I could be out having coffees with friends?

So, I consider myself these days to be in not-quite-RPCV limbo mode. I’m making lists, finishing up projects, and desperately trying to winnow down the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the past few years (please, please don’t send me anything!). But, I’m also looking forward to a great last few months here….and am glad to be “home” finally after so much time away to enjoy them!

  1. susan said:

    YEA! Can’t wait to have you home!

  2. gin mccabe said:

    What a “mighty” young woman you are. I look forward to sitting around the table with your family and mine, hearing the stories. I have thought of you so often. Countdowns can be nerve wracking! Hang in!! love. g

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