spring has sprung

Here in Albania (well, at least in Lezhe) it finally feels like Spring. I’m sure there are cold snaps to come and much of the country is still melting out from the snow of three weeks ago, but, for me, life is comfortable again and I’m enjoying the change in the weather.

This photo is from the first real warm day, Feb. 28th, on a small beach north of Shengjin spending the day on the sand with friends. Thanks to Adam for passing it along!

  1. susan said:

    love the picture! Spring is really here! Day light savings time started today! We are adjusting – UVA is playing Lax – they are #1- Hugley is to be sentenced at least 25 years! That has been in the news alot lately – very sad for all! Going to the NCAA in Basketball – 10th seed in the west – not sure how that will pan out – have to play Florida. Have top ranking in baseball too – but lost at least one game to the chokies – at home! We won one – and not sure re the 3rd.

    so there you have all the important info!

    • Haha, Lauren – thanks!

      I realize this makes us blog twins, but I hope that is okay 🙂

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