happy anniversary!

Yesterday the new group of volunteers arrived in Albania and were escorted to Elbasan for training. Surprisingly, this doesn’t make me really feel anything….in fact, it is so removed from my experience here (I will likely only meet a few of these volunteers and will leave before they swear in), that I almost forgot about it entirely.

A much more momentous occasion (for me) is coming up tomorrow, but I feel a similar disconnect to it as well. March 17th is not only St. Patrick’s Day, but the day that marks my group’s two-year in Albania anniversary. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that important. I feel so comfortable here and am spending time thinking about my departure that my only thought about two years is that it seems short to me…though I do feel like it’s been a while when I think about the fact that before I left the US the Ipad did not exist and Obama was a relatively “new” president.


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  1. susan said:

    Great job!! We all are so proud of you!

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