party time (part 2)

Today it really hit me. This leaving thing is hard.

The beautiful weather broke and it started pouring rain…..and I started saying goodbye to people. It’s hard to do when you don’t know if you’ll ever see someone again and when you know you can’t/won’t keep in touch with most of them.

In the afternoon the entire female staff of the Bashkia went out together for lunch and dancing. When we arrived – in between trying to fix my computer so we could listen to music, struggle with the speakers (when did tech guru become my job??) and eat my lunch, Yllka stopped everyone from talking, looked at me, and asked me if I was ready….For what? I said, looking up from the speakers. To give a speech, she answered…

I stood up and blubbered something out in broken shqip that does not come close to expressing how I feel and we all gezuared and danced and then I started tearing up a bit. I suddenly felt very far away inside my head…but was still able to have a great time with all the ladies – some of whom are my best friends here, but some of whom I have hardly worked with at all. I felt so honored to be the subject of such celebration, though I know it was fun for them, too. The ladies even all went in together and bought me a painted plaque of the view of the Bashkia from the park, a tablecloth (that became a headdress at one point) and a Lezha recycling t-shirt signed by most of the staff. What a wonderful wonderful afternoon. I am truly blessed to have been able to be here for two years with such lovely people.


Tomorrow I’ll hopefully finish all the goodbyes and details….and then it’s off on the next adventure on Wednesday.


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  1. susan said:

    Hugs to you! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures! Best of luck and safe travels!

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