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During a tour of historic Kotor in Montenegro with my friends Meredith and Annie and Meredith’s family, I was playing around with my camera and was promptly chastised by our guide for taking a photo of something that was not important.

“I will tell you what you should take a photo of,” he said.

Well ooookay.

I just returned from a week+ in Bosnia and Croatia and let me tell you – it is all worth photographing. Southern Bosnia/Hercegovina especially. And, the whole trip really helped me place Albania in its historical, geological and geographical context.

Reunited with my friend Annie from high school (who is also one of my PC friends Meredith’s friend from college, ironically!), I traveled by bus to Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia. The three of us spent time with my cousin and his friend in Sarajevo who were also traveling around the Balkans. Then, after walking the front lines of the recent war in Mostar, catching an annual diving competition off of the famous bridge and dancing in a bar in a cave, we traveled to Dubrovnik on the coast for a relaxing few days with Meredith’s family. It was all fantastic.

Here’s a glimpse of our journey in photographs. I’ll get more into the details later.

Bosnia//Croatia 2011